Satellite image browsing history, new channels view and better sharing.

Organise, save and share.

As the first update of 2021, we bring to you a new way to handle your observations, make it easier to share what you see and automatically store your browsing history for later.

Saving observation state

From now on when you’re working on your observations, all changes and settings will be saved automatically. This allows you to quickly pick up from where you left off and also share your observations with others in the exact same state as you see them.

Overpass settings, imageries display and map state are now stored and available when entering the observation from a shared URL.

One view for all your observations

Jumping between channels, channel and observation views was… let’s just say, not an optimal solution. We’ve simplified it into a single view to give you a better tool for organising your data. Both channels and their observations are now accessible from a single view.

All functionalities from channels and channel view have been moved to a single view for ease of use.


Storing your image browsing history

When you’re browsing through the imageries and looking for that perfect one, your view history will be automatically stored, in case you want to have a look at what you’ve browsed in the past. You can set up a default view for imageries in your profile now, or change in on the observation page.

You can set your default prefered imageries view option from your profile.

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