Real-Time Satellite Monitoring

Spectator tracks Earth-Imaging satellites and provides tools for you to publish meaningful information based on their data

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Build information stream based on satellite images.

Spectator uses awesome satellite programs such as Copernicus Sentinels and USGS/NASA Landsat to access fresh satellite images on a daily basis. Get full monitoring information with satellite overpasses, acquisition plans and archive data access. Then build your real-time application.


Find future and past satellite image acquisitions for your areas of interests. Get the data that's right for your application and easily track updates.



Work on your observations in teams and store all your data in one place. Manage multiple locations and domains of interest collectively.


You can publish your observations online through Spectator’s customizable static pages or build your own web app with Spectator as an engine.



Apply basic processing to find the data you're looking for.



Don't waste your hard-drive space. Organize your data in observations and channels and download it whenever you need it.


Use our API to integrate Spectator’s functionalities into your own code.

You can quickly find monitoring information and data to create publicly available observations.


Accessing and planning image acquisition

Check which satellites are passing over your area of interest and whether they will acquire an image.


Channels and observations

Organize your data discovery in channels that you can share with your team. Publish your observations to share it with everyone!


Do you want to quickly get your awesome EO idea accessible online? Are you looking for a satellite data API to build your own EO app? We're happy to help.

Become a Spectator

  • Organize your observations in channels
  • Build public observations and share them with others
  • Plan future satellite acquisitions
  • Get full data archive access
  • Contribute to the growth of EO community!
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  • Explore all the functionalities programmaticaly
  • Automate your workflow
  • Integrate information from Spectator into your application
  • Start immediately with a free API key
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  • Do you want to be first in delivering new EO-based information? Do you want to share it with a wider audience through a web app? We can help you!
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About us

We’re engineers focused on developing computer vision algorithms and solutions with the use of satellite images. Spectator started as a tool we created to make our jobs easier and give space-based Earth Observation a bit of much needed standard image capture flavor. We think it is one of the obstacles holding satellite remote sensing from going more mainstream and through this platform we want to fix that.

having the power of orbital infrastructure at your fingertips

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