Satellite overpasses and imagery notifications – a new version of is out!

What’s new?

Spectator allows you to track satellites, access their imagery and easily build new information, based on data from this amazing orbital infrastructure. However, as you grow your collection of observations, it’s becoming more and more difficult to track what’s happening in all of your areas of interest. We know it, you know it, and most importantly, you didn’t shy away from letting us know about it on multiple occasions – thanks! We’ve listened and decided to dedicate our most recent development iteration to give you a single feature, that could help you with keeping track of what’s going on around the globe.


You can now subscribe to any observation – your own, or shared with you, to follow:

  • new imagery available
  • new satellite overpasses over the area defined in the observation

The notifications are available from the menu button at the top-right corner of the observation view. Once you start following an observation, Spectator will inform you about the updates in the notification menu available in the navigation bar.

In the next stage, we’re planning to add different options for how you can retrieve these notifications from Spectator, allowing easy integration with your workflow. Stay tuned!

The dark mode

You may have noticed by now, that the theme on the screenshots is a bit more ominous than usual. We don’t know what about you guys, but although it’s only aesthetics, having a dark mode in Spectator is for us as exciting as any other feature! After all, who wouldn’t want that hackerish vibe in their satellite command centre app?

Check it out, and please let us know what do you think!