June updates to app.spectator.earth!

Get your data faster.

In the June update, we bring to you a couple of functionalities that will make exploring the data in the app easier and save you time when trying to get the images you’re looking for as fast as possible.

Always keep track of the satellites

It was difficult to keep track of where satellites are when browsing imagery in observations at higher zoom levels in previous versions. When you wanted to check where the satellite is with respect to your view, or quickly jump to an area that will be soon imaged by a satellite, it was almost impossible. We’ve added a minimap that now allows you to always keep track of the bigger picture and jump to other locations quickly.

Predefined imagery filters

Defining the parameters for image search every time can be cumbersome. Especially when very often you’re interested in similar periods throughout the year. We’ve added predefined filters to save your precious time. And yes, these settings are stored in the observation state, so when you open your observation again, the recently used settings will be applied.

Searching the API with some standards

It’s much easier when you can use multiple interfaces for passing geometry for the area of interest. So far the API mostly relied on defining the AOI as a bounding box. You guys asked to include something more geo-friendly so now we’ve finally added an option to pass GeoJSON or WKT.

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