A new version is out! HR imagery, layers control, Landsat-9

The long wait is over – your most requested feature is here!

We wanted to add it for a long time. Then we asked you guys about the most missing feature, and over 60% pointed to high-resolution imagery. It took us a while but here it is!

Ordering high-resolution imagery from the app

From now on, you can order 50cm and 1.5m resolution imagery from within the app to make your observation even better! Currently, the data comes from Pleiades and SPOT, and we’re planning to expand that list depending on your needs.


High-resolution imagery displayed in the app.spectator.earth

You can read on how to use it in our newly added FAQ.

Landsat-9 now accessible from Acquisition Plan Viewer

We’ve updated our database with recently added Landsat-9. Now you can track both Landsat-8 and 9 and view their acquisition plans in our Acquisition Plan Viewer. Soon we’ll be also integrating new Landsat data into the platform.


Acquisition plan viewer now includes plans for Landsat-9 as well!

You can access the updated acquisition plan viewer from your account or directly from this link.

Control what’s displayed on the map

The control over elements displayed on the map was suboptimal so far. As we’re striving for continuous improvement we decided to change that and give you a single, centralised control over what you see in the app. Now you can access everything that is currently displayed on the map from the new Layers Controller. The controller allows you to change the visibility of the layers, visualisation parameters and add annotations. All changes made in Layers Controller are automatically saved when used in observations, so you can quickly get back to where you finished.


Layers controller gives you access to all layers displayed on the map.


Check out the new version here and let us know what you think!