Important changes and improvements coming soon!

We have exciting updates coming your way! We wanted to give you a heads-up on the upcoming enhancements to our platform, some of which may require adjustment on your end. Most important changes to the API will include:

  • Enhanced Satellite API Output – The sensors field will be substituted by modes and the avg_footprint_width field will be removed as each sensor will include the swath width. In addition, the satellite coordinates will now also include the altitude information.
  • Improved Overpass Output – overpasses will be available for up to 180 days into the future and will feature additional geometry fields including visibility_footprint, and sensor_footprint. The frequency field will provide information about overpasses per day for a given area of interest.
  • New API Key – Each user will receive a new API key to boost security. Make sure you change your key after the new version is available.

The most significant change to the APP is:

  • Removing Teams – We’re simplifying collaboration by removing the Teams feature and focusing on improving how your observations can be shared. Don’t worry about your existing team observations! They will all be transferred to the individual accounts of the team members.

We will start adding these enhancements on 29.06.2023, 8:00 am UTC. At that time, you may experience difficulties accessing the API or the APP. Once the upgrade is finished you will be notified via email and the app.

Thank you for your continued support!


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