Satellite sensor footprint display, API shortcuts and more!

We’ve recently added a set of improvements and new features to, to make your experience even better! To learn more you can view the update video, or follow the list of most important changes below.

  • Satellite Sensor Footprint Visualization – when you’re exploring upcoming satellite passes in the overpass list, we now provide a visualization of satellite sensor footprints. By simply hovering over entries in the overpass list, you can gain insights into the areas covered by each satellite at a given time.
  • API Access Shortcut – all pre-generated links for the API you can now conveniently access from a shortcut right on the map for easy use in your scripts or QGIS
  • Satellite Selection – Landsat-9 has been added to the default satellites in our app, so when creating default observations you’ll be able to immediately view its overpasses over your area of interest. Furthermore, the satellite menu button has been moved to the map, making satellite selection even more accessible.
  • Expanding Acquisition Plan Viewer – Landsat-7 raw acquisition plan data can now be accessed from the viewer joining Landsat-8 and 9 and Copernicus Sentinels.
  • Social Sharing – you can now more easily share your observations using a new share shortcut available on the map.

Apart from new features, we’ve also implemented several under-the-hood improvements and fixes, so you should notice a performance bump and a smoother experience when building new observations.


Thank you for your continued support and stay tuned for more new features and improvements coming soon!


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