6 most interesting observations from November

The continuation of wildfires

Since regions in South America are generally struggling with droughts, wildfires are occurring there almost every time of the year. Now during fall, we can find examples of forest fires burning all over the world, but many of the registered fires are happening mostly in South America. One of the spotted examples took place in Bolivia, in Marban province, on the north side of Trinidad. 

Wildfire registered in Marban province in Bolivia – view on the map.
Volcano activity

Some of the changes happening around our globe are unequivocally damaging and harmful to the existing ecosystems. However, it’s not always the case. Below you can observe the process of formation of an island caused by recent eruptions of the Home Reef volcano.

Latest changes of Home Reef volcano – view on the map.

With the increasing effects of climate change, there’s an alarming number of local droughts, which result in damage to crops and most importantly lower water levels in reservoirs and a shortage of drinking water. Below we can see the process of drying up of Goose Lake, located on the Oregon-California border. 

Goose Lake in the U.S. on the Oregon-California border – view on the map.
Melting Glaciers

Swift changes are happening on the South Pole as well. In only two years another iceberg has been created and completely separated in Antarctica.

In only two years another iceberg has been created and completely separated – view on the map.
Open-source intelligence

Satellite imagery enables us to follow situations and events happening all over the world. We can monitor construction sites, moving objects, marine traffics, and even military bases. Here are just two examples:

  • China’s largest molten salt solar thermal power station – Super Mirror Power Plant in Dunhuang, is made up of 12,000 mirrors, in the Gobi desert.
  • The development of a new terminal at Kuwait International Airport.
Sentinel-2 images of Super Mirror Power Plant in Dunhuang – view on the map.


The construction of a new terminal at Kuwait International Airport – view on the map.